A two in one camp chair from Kamakura Tenmaku. A bespoke product with a minimalist design.

2 years ago

B:MING by BEAMS collaborates with Newtech Japan’s label Kamakura Tenmaku, which has been involved in OEM production for many brands behind the scenes in the outdoor industry. We will focus on three bespoke items such as their compact two in one chairs. The website is already sold out, so it is recommended to check early at the brick and mortar stores.

A “compact chair” with an adjustable height depending on how it is assembled.


The “Compact Chair,” which was created as a joint project between B: MING by BEAMS and Kamakura Tenmaku, is a two in one chair that can be adjusted in two stages, high and low, by changing the assembly method. It is useful for various scenarios such as low mode for a bonfire and high for meals.

A durable ripstop material is used for the fabric. The frame is a lightweight aluminum frame original to Kamakura Tenmaku, which can be disassembled into small pieces and carried compactly. In addition, the shoulder pouch type storage bag is attached to the side of the chair, meaning it can be used as a drink holder.


Size used (low): width 52.5 x depth 60 x height 54 cm

Size used (high): width 52.5 x depth 62 x height 67 cm

Seat height: Low … 18 cm / High … 34.5 cm

Weight: Low … 0.8kg / High … 0.9kg

Load capacity: 140 kg

Material: Frame … Aluminum / Sheet … Polyester


“Pop-up solo table” with a specialist storage bag.


Another bespoke item ordered by B: MING by BEAMS is a beige olive color version of the folding solo table from Kamakura Tenmaku. You can quickly take it out and set it up with one touch, and since the A4 size top plate is made of aluminum, you can put a Sierra cup or cooker warmed by an open flame on it as it is.

The storage bag uses the design of the “Iikamo Project,” which develops camouflage using motifs of animals and nature, giving it a unique and special look.



Size used: length 21 x width 29.7 x height 7.8 cm

Material: Aluminum, Stainless


A tote bag with a focus on functionality.

TOTE BAG ¥9680

B:Ming has also ordered a bespoke version of the tool tote from Kamakura Tenmaku, which is durable and easy to use. The olive color of the strap gives it a rugged feeling. In addition, the material of the lid part that can be squeezed with a draw cord is also from the Iikamo project.

The large pockets on the outside can store a wide range of items such as stainless steel bottles as well as outdoor tools such as pegs and hammers. The material is a thick canvas, and the bottom is made of tough synthetic fabric with excellent strength and waterproofness. There is a waterproof sheet on the inside, so you can carry wet items as well.



Size: length 31, top 50, bottom 35 cm

Material: cotton, polyester