New cassette stove with a robust body x beautiful design for solo camping is like a work of art!

2 months ago

From record players to calculators, designer home brand Amadana creates unique home appliances that excel in their design. Amadana have now created a new cassette stove with an unprecedented minimalist design that is perfect for solo campers.

amadana「amadana CASSETTE CONRO」¥11760

The “Amadana CASSETTE CONRO” was created by the design home appliance brand Amadana by reviewing the familiar concept of a cooking cassette stove and reconstructing it from the ground up to add new value.

The first thing that catches the eye is the body that uses a beautiful aluminum die-casting with a highly professional finish. The minimalist design that eliminates unevenness not only looks great as part of your interior, but also has excellent storability, making it easy to take out to solo camps. The size is W265 x D160 x H106 mm, which is considerably smaller than a general cassette stove.

In addition, small details such as the use of a water-resistant natural cowhide for the belt of the main body cover used for opening and closing when replacing the cassette cylinder highlights the design quality.

Nichinen, which has manufactured and sold more than 10 million cassette stoves in the “Miconro” series, is in charge of designing and manufacturing.

The key feature is the cross-type stand made of heat-resistant steel that was developed specifically for this. You can also use small containers such as Sierra cups, stainless mugs, and mini skillets, which were not stable to us with previous stands, so it seems to be useful for both cooking and heating coffee when solo camping.

In addition, because it uses an “internal flame burner” that has an inward flame and prevents heat from escaping, it can be used efficiently without the flame protruding even when heating a small pot.

The firepower is 0.85kW (750kcal / h), which is not suitable for cooking large pots, but it is sufficient for use in solo camps.

The Amadana cassette stove will be on sale at the crowdfunding site “GREEN FUNDING” until November 17, 2021.



Size: W265 x D160 x H106mm

Weight: Approximately 1.5kg

Gas consumption: 0.85kW (750kcal / h)

Continuous burning time: Approximately 230 hours