The fire overflows!? A unique debut bonfire from the new brand “10to10”!

2 years ago

This is a box-type bonfire with a design that stands out thanks to its unique design and functionality amongst the hundreds of other bonfires available. It is the debut item from the new brand “10 to 10”.

10to 10「TEKIKA」¥28050

The 10 to 10 bonfire “Tekika” is a box-type bonfire consisting of four side panels, legs, leg connecting parts, grill, and an ash tray.

There is a slit in the side panel, and when the bonfire is lit, it looks like it is dripping out, so it was named the “Drip Fire”. They have said that this slit will be used not only as key part of the visual design but also as a joint for optional parts to be released in the future.

In addition to the dripping design, each part of the bonfire has a design that resembles the ridgeline of a mountain, so it looks as if the silhouette of the mountain emerges during the bonfire.

All four side panels are variable. You can change the shape to your liking according to the size of the firewood, the presence or absence of wind, the number of people, and the layout of the camp site.

For example, if you expand one side panel, you can add large firewood like traditional Japanese kamado, and by using the optional parts scheduled to be released in the future as a tripod, it will be easier to cook on the bonfire.

In addition, since the load capacity of each panel is 2.5 kg, the side panel can be expanded and used as a stand for a cooker or something similiar.

When the side panel is closed and the bonfire is used as a box type, a part of the side panel has a double structure, and the air flowing in from the bottom is rapidly warmed inside the panel before being supplied, so combustion efficiency is also excellent. The ash tray is a sliding type, so you can pull out the tray to throw away the ash, making it easy to clean up.

The thickness when stored is 56 mm and it is compact, so it is the perfect size to use even for solo camps.



Use size: 450 x 200 x H425 mm

Storage size: 399 x 250 x H56 mm

Gross weight: 6.9kg