Neighborhood’s latest camping gear collection is here. A comprehensive collection of collaborations with other popular brands!

2 years ago

“NEIGHBORHOOD” are a famous street brand who is well known not only in fashion circles but also in producing lifestyle items such as outdoor gear, fishing gear, and gardening items.

The outdoor gear developed in collaboration with many popular outdoor brands has always been the primary focus due to the simplicity and elegance of the design appealing to campers, and this season is no different!

Lets take a look at this massive new collaboration series that brings together many different outdoor brands.


NH . ODE / S-HEATER ¥55000

First up is a collaboration model with Toyotomi, where their kerosene heater with a lantern motif is custom-ordered in gray. It features a one-touch method for igniting by just turning the knob. When extinguishing the fire, unburned gas is burned to suppress the smell, and the double tank structure prevents oil from spilling even in the unlikely event of it falling. It also includes a seismic automatic fire extinguishing device. A special case is also available as an option.



 NH . ODE / E-CASE ¥25300

In collaboration with Ballistics, they have developed a stove case exclusively for the Toyomi “NH. ODE / S-HEATER” introduced above. Based on the water-repellent polyester ox material, excellent shock absorption performance is realized thanks to the resin board and urethane.

It is equipped with an open zipper that connects from the left and right to the bottom, it can be taken in and out from the front, and can be stored compactly by fully opening the zipper and folding it. It also features am embroidered logo on the front.

NH . ODE / IW-AXE ¥41800

There is also an original ax that is an all-rounder size suitable for chopping wood to crafting. A laser-processed logo is imprinted on the handle, which is designed to be held with both hands. It also comes with an original case.




Next up is a collaboration model with Leatherman who laser-marked the ODE logo on to the multi-tool “STYLE PS” which has eight kinds of functions such as pliers and small scissors.

The spring-action pliers, handle with built-in tweezers, and carabiner that can be attached to a belt or backpack can also be used as a bottle opener. It is compact yet highly versatile, suitable for outdoor use or as an emergency tool.



NH . ODE / EC-TARP ¥55000

A custom-sized tarp in collaboration with GripSwany, is dyed in black based on the original flame-retardant, polyester / cotton blend material. The ODE logo printed on both sides of the tarp. A dedicated storage bag is also included. (* Be careful as the pole is not included)


A cover with special batting made to use with the “NHOL ODE / EA-FOLDING SOFA” released in as part of the 2021SS collection. The ODE logo is printed in the center with a bespoke specification that is dyed black based on the original flame-retardant material which is also a polyester / cotton blend. It can be used not only as a cover but also as a cushion as it is. (* Please note that the sofa body is not included)

Although I can’t cover all of them here, in collaboration with GripSwanny, they also have a lineup of apron vests that also use flame-retardant materials, coveralls, and overalls. (Check the gallery at the end of the article for images!)



NH . ODE 23 / EN-PLATE ¥5390

An enamel plate collaboration with Pratt Champ, which produces high-quality enamel tableware and camping tools that are all made from original molds, domestically in Japan. The 23mm size is suitable deep, and can be widely used from platter dishes to soups. They also have a lineup of 20mm size (¥ 5060) that is just right for one person.


There is also a cutlery set that contains a knife, fork, and spoon. Based on stainless steel, the unique expression using the technology called “black oxidation coloring” is very attractive.



NH . ODE / P-MUG CUP ¥2200

A collaboration model with the ODE logo printed on a 8oz MUG, which is synonymous with Dinex, and has been subjected to insulation processing that gives it excellent heat and cold insulation effects by inserting urethane material between the double structures.

As you can see, Neighborhood’s outdoor gear collection continues to grow in this season. All the items feature their signature simplistic yet elegant design.

In addition to this, there are plenty of must-have items for autumn / winter camps such as kettles, cord reels, and skillets as in-line items for Neighborhood, so we recommend you check those as well.

These NEIGHBORHOOD OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT items will be on sale from October 16, 2021 (Saturday) at NEIGHBORHOOD directly managed stores, NEIGHBORHOOD ONLINE STORE, and other authorized dealers nationwide.

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