It’s like a mobile kitche! Introducing a multifunctional cooler box with wheels from Output Life.

2 years ago

OUTPUT LIFE, which produces unique and high-quality outdoor furniture, have collaborated with the new cooler box brand “Deelight”. They have teamed up to create a large-capacity cooler box model with wheels that is just like having a mobile kitchen!

High capacity 45QT cooler box.

OUTPUT LIFE × Deelight
ICELAND 45QT ¥62260

The capacity is 45QT (42.6L) and the weight is about 17kg. Although it is quite heavy to carry, it has wheels for extra ease of use. It was created in collaboration with the cooler box brand “Deelight”, which is attracting attention for its reliable cooling power and innovative colors.

It can store 2L PET bottles vertically, which is regarded as important in the outdoor community in Japan. There is still room left vertically to store other items on top. Thanks to the thick body filled with heat insulating material and the thick lid, the cooling power is capable of “keeping ice for up to 5 days”.

High-performance cooler box latches often require strength from the user, but this type utilizes the principle of leverage. Even women and children who are not confident in their strength can easily seal and open it.

In addition, while the rubber will inevitably deteriorate over time, a replacement “latch rubber handle” is available as an option, so you can use it for a long time.


With a load capacity of 20 kg, other camp gear can be carried together.

While this is a cooler box that can be carried by the handle and wheels, but it is also OK to put some luggage on top of it. With a load capacity of 20 kg, it can carry tables, chairs, and racks. The height of the handle can be adjusted in 2 steps.

It comes with a basket, cup holder, and divider. The partition board is made of a material that can also be used as a cutting board. By carrying it with a chair or table, it becomes a simple kitchen that can be cooked with anywhere.

It is now on sale at stores nationwide. Check the shop list on Output Life’s official website!