Discover a secondary combustion type bonfire that has excellent cost performance!

2 years ago

The home center “Komeri” has 1200 stores nationwide. I think there are many campers who are used to buying their firewood there, but in fact, they are also working on an outdoor PB (private brand) that has a range of different products. Of particular note is the secondary combustion type bonfire series. They have a lineup of 3 types with high cost performance.

A compact diameter of 13.5 cm for solos camps.


Komeri’s original brand is also called “Natural Season”. It is simple, easy to use, and has a reasonable price. This is a compact wood stove for solocampers, which is small but has double walls for secure secondary combustion. With a retractable trivet, it can also be used for bonfire cooking.


Size when used: Φ13.5 × H15cm

Stored size: Φ13.5 × H7.5cm

Trivet load capacity: 3kg

Weight: Approximately 360g

* Storage bag included


Easy-to-use regular size.


This is one size larger than the previous “solo” burner. With a diameter of 19.5 cm, you don’t have to choose fuel wood based on size as much so you can use it easily. Of course, the double-walled structure causes secondary combustion and prevents it from emitting smoke. When stored, the height is 31 → 11.5 cm, making it extremely compact. It could be used as a sub-cooking bonfire for a family camp.


Size when used: Φ19.5 × H31cm

Stored size: Φ19.5 × H11.5cm

Trivet load capacity: 8kg

Weight: Approximately 1.5kg

* Storage bag included

“Max” for when you want to enjoy big fires.


This is the large model with a diameter of 36 cm. This is a bonfire that fits the name of “Max”, where a surprisingly large flame can be produced. The hot air that blows out from the hole in the upper part of the combustion chamber creates a beautiful thread of flame, which is also very visually pleasing. If you prepare a trivet with a length of 30 cm or more separately, you can cook with it.


Size when used: Φ36 × H40cm

Stored size: Φ36 × H23cm

Weight: Approximately 5.3kg

* Storage bag included

There may be a few bonfire enthusiasts who have noticed that a certain home improvement store from Kitakyushu also sells camp related items, which is thanks to the quality of PB products. We are sure that buying outdoor items at home improvement centers will eventually become the norm thanks this.

You can purchase these products at “Komeri Power”, “Komeri Hard & Green”, and the online shopping site “” nationwide.