Functional and innovative! Fashionable camping snapshots! @GO OUT JAMBOREE 2019 #1

4 years ago

Summer is finally here so it’s time to gather your friends and family for summer camping!

Here is a selection of fashionable camping snapshots from the GO OUT JUMBOREE 2019 which was the largest ever. Pick up some great tips for your own summer camping trip!


Different choices in gear are immediately apparent so let’s take a look!


Owner a5tommy has set up a military style campsite with a dome shaped Neighborhood x Helinox collaboration tent and a Mercedes Benz G Class. The collection of gear is lovingly arranged and differentiated.

From the chairs leather being changed to a beautiful deer, Hexatables h50, the shelltop top board bonfire by Go Outside which is an independent brand that is becoming popular via instagram.

The lantern has been equipped with 5 lamp shades that were purchased from Alba. The car is the image of early G class models and is entirely custom! This camp site is very unique with carefully selected gear.


Familiar items evolve with this DIY red themed camp site.


This eye catching camp site is set up almost entirely in a red color palette, from the tent to tarps and small items. There are lots of interesting items here but perhaps the most intriguing is the self made items by dockagram.

The fire wood stand is a custom remake for a highlander stool. The cloth has been removed and the legs have been fixed with a chain to prevent them from spreading too far. The custom made firewood bag is currently placed on top. The table has a structure in which screws are embedded in the top plate and the legs are inserted when you want to us it.

The height of all the furniture has been unified so it can be used side by side. Dockagram likes to cook so this makes it very convenient and easy to use as a kitchen. This level of usability can only be achieved by a custom made set up and good DIY skills.


A new way to utilize tunnel tents, with the inner removed!

Taishi Nishikubo / Mika / Asahi

Ogawa’s Apron which was released last year, is a tunnel type tent which has gained popularity with campers recently. With a large front room, there are many models that are easy to set up and can create a great camping environment for families. This Apron is usually a model for 4-5 people with an inner tent but Nishikubo and his family are using it with the inner tent removed.

A Hillberg tarp has been set up next to the tent which creates a living room space outside for during the day. A total of 6 poles have been used and the tarp has been stretched horizontally to create a roof like structure. This method of setting up a tarp is suitable for shielding from the sun’s rays during spring and summer hot weather.

A trekking tent has been installed for sleeping, which due to its smaller size helps to maintain a lower temperature.

With this kangaroo style, you can stay warm in the living room in the shelter at night and go to sleep there too. This is a great example of how to optimize your camp site based upon the weather.


Photo/Taizo Shukuri

Text/Showgo Komatsu、Aya Fukuda、Satoshi Yamamoto