Free-standing trash can from Zane Arts with the size and stability that we have been yearning for!

2 years ago

Trash cans are often a problem when planning campsites. Keep your campsite neat and tidy with a trash can that has a design that doesn’t impose on the atmosphere of the site and is functionally smart. The new “MOBI BOX” from ZANE ARTS is just such a trash can.


Zane Arts’ Mobi Box is a slim trash can that stands on its own using four poles. Like Zane Arts is known for, it has a simple look and natural coloring that fits well within any campsite.

Until now, most camping trash cans were large in size, assuming that they would be used under a tarp, but it’s a nice point that the Mobi Box is not too large so that it does not get in the way even inside the shelter. With a top surface of φ32 and a height of 36 cm, it has the same size as a 20 L pail can. A 20L size plastic bag can be attached with the clip provided inside the main body.



Simply insert the four poles into the grommet at the top of the main unit and fasten the bottom with Velcro for easy assembly. Since the end of the pole is a leg, the entire bottom surface does not touch the ground, helping to keep if from getting dirty.

In addition, the back of the main body is processed with PVC material to improve waterproofness, so it does not absorb moist stains and is easy to wipe down after use.

After removing the pole, you can crush the main body down and fix it with Velcro. Each of the four poles can be folded in half and stored inside the main body, so it can be carried compactly and smartly.



Size used: Top surface φ320, bottom surface φ235 x 360 (h) mm Stored size: φ320 x 70 mm

Weight: 790g

Capacity: 20L (20L garbage bag recommended)

Material: Body … 600D polyester / PVC coating / pole … Aluminum