Peregrine Designs new low table that fits perfectly into a certain famous shelf container!

2 years ago

“Peregrine Design” who is known for their fashionable outdoor gear, especially furniture, has released an interesting low table. The size is compact and suitable for solo camping, and if you fold the legs, it fits perfectly into their classic container. This low wooden table seems like it would be useful in a variety of different ways.

A cute sized natural wood solo table.

Marmot table ¥ 14300

Peregrine’s new, small foldable wood table uses Japanese Ash, which is natural and has its own original grain. The surface is finished with natural vegetable oil, and the natural warmth that is typical of Peregrine’s design is in abundance.

The top plate size is 45 x 32.5 cm and the height is 17 cm. It’s the perfect size for a solo camp or as a duo side table.

When folded the legs have a thickness of 7.3 cm. The folded legs are firmly fixed to the back of the top plate and don’t flap about or become loose.

By the way, on the back of the top plate, there is a square frame that seems unnecessary. It’s a little exaggerated part as a pillar of the top plate, but …


Fits just right in the shelf container 25.

With the legs folded, it fits perfectly into Snow Peak’s “Shelf Container 25”. The square frame on the back of the top plate mentioned earlier is a part of this purpose. By the way, it seems that it can be inserted even when the shelf container is open.



Material: Tamo (Japanese Ash)

Deploed size: W45 x D32.5 x H17 cm

Stored size: W45 x D32.5 x H7.3 cm

Weight: Approximately 1.8kg

Load capacity: Approximately 10 kg


You can purchase it at the brand’s official online shop. If you already own a Shelf Container 25, don’t miss out on this great fitting low table.