Functional and innovative! Fashionable camping snapshots! @GO OUT JAMBOREE 2019 #2

4 years ago

With the rainy season in Japan finished, many people are looking forward to a long summer holiday of camping!

Here is a selection of fashionable camping snapshots from the GO OUT JUMBOREE 2019 which was the largest ever. Pick up some great tips for your own summer camping trip!


A camp site with plenty of room and gear that can fit into a Sudan.


Utilizing the incredibly popular MSR shelter, 2 tents are set up underneath it. The table and chair set is from high quality brand Mountain Research with its fine wood finish. The selection of furniture creates a sense of unity and fashion while also maintaining high functionality.

The size of the shelter is also substantial and it looks very fashionable and glamorous. Because all of this gear was transported via a sudan range Alfa Romeo the compactness of the selection of equipment is also obvious.

Hardcore campers that go camping more than 30 times a year really pay close attention to their gear selection so there is plenty we can learn from experienced outdoor enthusiasts.


Excellent gear selection that is not swayed by brand name value.    


Baremshi’s campsite uses an A type Capri 200 tent from long established Milan based manufacturer Bertoni that is hard to find. This campsite has small attention to detail which shows barmeshi’s detailed knowledge of camping equipment.

The first thing that draws your attention here is the garage brands that have recently been causing a stir in the outdoors community, such as TheArth who have remodeled the seating surface of the Kermit Chairs and also the V shaped bonfire with side cut outs.

While mixing high end brand items like the Kermit Chair, there are also plenty of reasonably priced items such as products from Japanese home centre store Nitori. Having a keen eye for the right items to match the aesthetic you want to present regardless of brand name or value is key to creating an interesting and unique camp site.


Creating a retro themed site by giving old items new life.

Masato Nishiyama / Masayuki Satake

Nishiyama told us that most of the items are handmade. The DIY aesthetic permeates the camp site and it is very rare to find individuals who can create their own gear to this level of high quality. Combining odds and ends of left over wood and unneeded furniture from their homes they have created everything needed from tables and racks to bonfires.

The readymade equipment that they brought features a lot of vintage products so it matches well with the handmade DIY items which also have an aged aesthetic. The table and kitchen platforms are supported by inverted y shape legs that help keep all the height uniform and easy for use and the tent and tarp are both in a matching yellow color.

 This subtle unity of colors and style nullifies the impression that it’s an entirely DIY campsite and shows the possibilities going forward for DIY enthusiasts in remaking old gear to make great campsites.

Photo/ Taizo Shukuri
Text/Showgo Komatsu、Satoshi Yamamoto