Limited edition olive color container made in collaboration from THOR and Fresh Service.

2 years ago

A new plastic container in collaboration with THOR has appeared from the Fresh Service, which reconstructs items selected from all over the world from the unique perspective of director Takayuki Minami and recreates them as new products.

THOR × FreshService 「STACKABLE TOTE BOX」¥6820

Thor is a brand developed by the American manufacturer Trust, which handles plastic business products. The plastic container “Large Tote”, which can store plenty of camping gear, has become popular with camping enthusiasts and interior enthusiasts due to its industrial style.

Until now, it was available in 22L, 53L, and 75L sizes in Japan, but this time Fresh Service is developing two colors, black and olive, based on the 40L model that is not sold in Japan. The olive is a completely new bespoke color.

Furthermore, for this collaboration, a graphical design reminiscent of the mil-spec notation has been added, giving it that unique Fresh Service touch.

With a load capacity of 150 kg, it is extremely tough, so you can pack it with heavy gear. Also, by changing the stacking direction, it is possible to change whether it is stacked exactly or placed on top, which saves space when stored.

It seems to be useful not only for camping but also as a storage box at home.



Size: W592 x D392 x H270mm

Weight: 2kg

Load capacity: 150kg

■FreshService headquarters tel:03-5775-4755