Neighborhood and Helinox collaborate together with famous artist Futura for a large scale collection!

2 years ago

NEIGHBORHOOD, who has collaborated with many brilliant brands so far, is developing a collaborative collection with the graffiti art legend Futura! Not only apparel items, but also outdoor gear in collaboration with Helinox! This lineup is not to be missed out on!

Futura started working in the 1970s and worked with Keith Haring and Basquiat in the 1980s. His own brand, FUTURA LABORATORIES, also designs clothes, and has been active in various different fields in recent years. This collection is a collaboration between Futura Laboratories and Neighborhood.

First of all, check out these 4 triple collaboration items with Helinox, who are well known for their many classic collaborations with Neighborhood.

4 Helinox gear items with an original duck pattern.

「FL / E-CHAIR ONE」¥29700

Based on Helinox’s classic Chair One, Futura Laboratories’ original camouflage pattern is used for the seat. The storage bag is also a special item.

「FL / E-COT HIGH」¥94600

Based on Helinox’s “Tactical Cot Convertible” that can be used in two ways, low and high, an original camouflage pattern is used for the seat. A cot leg, which is sold separately, is also included.

「FL / E-HANGAR」¥495000

The original camouflage pattern is boldly printed on the large tunnel tent “HUNGER” jointly developed by Neighborhood and Helinox from scratch.


Helinox’s “field office” can be used as both a solo kitchen station and an outdoor office with an epoch-making design that combines a bag and a table. An original camouflage pattern is used on the back side.


Neighborhood’s iconic incense chamber is also part of the collaboration.

Collaboration incense chamber (incense stand) items are also available, a product that symbolizes the brand that Neighborhood has been making since 2010. The incense chamber with the motif of Futura’s representative character “Point Man”, which was announced at the “FUTURA Exhibition” held in Tokyo in 2019, is available in different colors.


The incense chamber is designed so that smoke is emitted from the antenna pole by placing a cone-type incense on the back bag.


This is a limited color of only 100 pieces and is housed in a special pelican case.


A lineup of apparel items.

In addition, they also have a lineup of 4 types of apparel items including jackets that will be a triple collaboration with Marmot.

「FL / N-JKT」¥110000

One of the most notable apparel items is the MA-1 jacket that uses GORE-TEX INFINIUM. Futura has his Laboratories graphic on the back and an original camouflage pattern on the lining. The body is a triple collaboration model jointly developed with Marmot.

The apparel items are sold at Neighborhood stores and WEB stores. Collaboration items with Helinox are sold by pre-order at Neighborhood stores and WEB stores. The incense chamber is sold by lottery, so check the Neighborhood WEB store for details.