Make setting up and putting away your tent easier! A peg storage rack that revolutionizes the storage of pegs from Zane Arts.

2 years ago

Everyone has probably had the experience of using pegs when setting up a tent or tarp, and having a hard time figuring out if all the pegs were recovered when you take it back down. ZANE ARTS has released a convenient storage method that makes using pegs much more efficient.

ZANE ARTS Grat Stake Rack ¥6985

Zane Arts’ “Grat Stake Rack” is a peg storage rack that can be used by aligning pegs on the frame and pulling them out together with a lifter.

With the included lifter, you can pull out as many pegs as you need from the rack and carry them around, making pegging a tent much easier. With Zane Arts’ Grat Stake 28, you can carry 16 of them at a time.

In the photo above you can see 32 of Zane Arts forged pegs “Grat Stake 28” stored and 20 of the “Grat Stake 18”, so it is possible to store enough pieces even in situations where multiple tents, tarps, etc. are set up.

For example, when setting up with pegs of different sizes, it is difficult to find the right pegs, but this rack can be organized and stored according to size, so setting up is very smooth. It is easy to grasp the number of pegs, and it seems that you can prevent forgetting to retrieve them at the end.

Does it make a rattling noise when you carry it? You may be concerned about the noise when travelling, but when transporting by car, you can suppress the contact noise between the pegs due to vibration by tilting the rack. In addition, a pad is attached to the inner upper surface to prevent the pegs from popping out during transportation.

Not only the forged peg “Grat Stake” from Zane Arts, but also other brands of pegs such as Soliste are supported if it is a general forged peg shape. However, it is premised that all manufacturers are used together.

A peg hammer can also be stored. There is a partition inside the rack so that it can be stored separately from the pegs, and this partition is designed so that the height can be adjusted according to the length of the hammer.


Size: 220 x 195 x H345 mm

Weight: 1.9kg

Material: Body … 600D polyester / PVC coating / frame / lifter … Steel