New models have appeared in YOKA’s popular tent series. Chimney compatible & TC material for winter camping!

2 years ago

YOKA, which is famous for its wood panel assembly type outdoor furniture, is also a comprehensive brand that offers everything from tents to bonfires and knives. The three new items announced this time are also typical of YOKA’s unique design.

Mix your own original spices.


The first new item is the spice crusher. You can grind whole spices (dried spices in their original form) and mix them with your favorite spices. The rise in popularity of outdoor spices such as “Horinishi” continues, and this makes it possible to challenge yourself to make your own original spices.

With a diameter of 10 cm, it is easy to take outdoors. Furthermore, since the mortar part is offset from the center, the mortar can be stored in the main body. If you put these in the attached cotton bag, it is easy to carry.



Size: Φ100 × H50mm

Weight: 240g

Material: Sapele (oil finish)

Accessories: Cotton bag


A thick cutting board that can also be used to serving food.


The second of the new items is this cutting board. With a long side of 30 cm it is suitable for outdoor activities, it is easy to use for solo camps and also families. The rounded design on one side is also stylish. This is the first time that a cutting board has been released by YOKA.

As it is as thick as 2 cm, it has a unique presence even when used as a serving board. It looks great because it uses “Sapele”, a wood with beautiful luster and grain.



Size: W185 x D300 x H20mm

Weight: 640g

Material: Sapele (oil finish)

Accessories: Cotton bag


A tent that can be used with chimneys combining the Bay Curtain x Pap Tent.


And the third new item is this tent for firewood strikes. It is a novel and ambitious work that combines the nostalgic Bay tent with the structure of the classic military tent, the Pap tent. The material is TC, which is resistant to sparks, and the size is suitable for 2 to 4 people. The maximum ceiling height is 220 cm, so you can relax easily.

In addition to the dark khaki color mentioned earlier, the lineup includes ivory as shown in the photo. Detailed information has not arrived yet, but it seems that there are various arrangements possible such as half-open and full-open.



Size: W270 x D355 x H220 cm

Weight: 11kg

Color: dark khaki, ivory

Material: TC

Accessories: Storage bag, rain curtain


This new lineup of spice crushers and cutting boards will go on sale December 1st, and tents will be available for pre-order in December. Check out the YOKA WEB STORE!