Checking out fashion summer camping at GO OUT CAMP Inawashiro Vol.6

4 years ago

The summer has finally arrived! It’s the time of year when there are often more outdoor trips planned on the weekend so here we will introduce some of the best style snapshots from GO OUT CAMP Inawashiro vol.6 held back in June. Here you can find inspiration for building your own fashionable and functional campsites.


Surrounded by great vintage gear.


Beke’s camp site is like a love letter to camping history with all of your favorite gear, from Dana Designs masterpiece one pole tent to Go Lite’s Shangrila 8 as the main shelter with a custom made skirt added to prevent air gaps. There is plenty of discerning vintage camping gear such as Tilly’s 70’s two burner placed inside.

In addition to the classic Kermit Chair, current on trend items such as the Byer of Maine Allagash PLUS Cot and the Seattle Sports Frost Pack mix well with basic items to keep the campsite feeling fresh.

Additionally the camp is arranged in a way that mixes a variety of colors that compliment the main color theme to create a lasting impression.


A solo style campsite that is popping with color.


Noburogome, who is relaxing on an air cushion has setup his camp using a lot of apparel brand bespoke items. In fact, he is using Coleman’s beach shade as a tent which is a collaboration model released with BEAMS each year.

The tarp he used is also from Coleman but this is from a collaboration series with Monro. The camp site has a pop colored theme with lots of different colorful camping gear.

The tarp is low and compact which gives the large array of colorful gear a clear impression. Pay particular attention to the very functional layout of the low style living room area.


Conflicting taste between modern and vintage creates a chemical reaction!


The Primus Bifrost Y6 is currently out of print and no longer manufactured. The grey body has quite a masculine atmosphere but most of the items placed inside are vintage gear. Aa-chan has made this campsite in her own image and has included dried flowers and European miscellaneous goods for extra decoration.

The tent is spacious with a large front room and a y shaped bedroom, packed with a variety of vintage gear that is not particularly compact or placed in a cohesive manner.

The tent is high spec but the tarp poles and the lantern hangers are all made from wood which gives an earthy natural atmosphere to the campsite as a whole. The lantern hanger which is from Korea has a black design and the height and direction it faces can be adjusted freely.


A mix of styles like an upturned toy box!


This site definitely draws attention from passersby due to is being set up next to the red wagon bus. This 2 person camp site has a stylish military aesthetic while also being littered with individuality that pops out. The red wagon bus and the black Dutch radio controlled car parked nearby adds to the unique atmosphere.

The furniture used is all low priced and laid out around the living room area. Everything is laid out in close proximity so you can get what you want without having to leave your chair. The coloring is mixed with half of the gear in military taste such as black and earthy colors, while the other half of the items are in vibrant red.

 The gear used is all personalized with stencils and gives the campsite a unique and playful atmosphere. It’s a site that gives the impression of returning to nature and childhood.