Mont-bell’s first family-friendly two-room tent is an evolution of their classic moonlight tent.

2 years ago

A lot of outdoor items were released in 2021, but the new tent to watch out for this season is the “Moonlight Cabin 4”, which was born in the fall of this year as the first two-room tent from Mont-bell.

mont-bell「Moonlight Cabin 4」¥97900

Mont-bell is strongly associated with the image of a mountain tent, but its staple is the moonlight series, which was created under the concept of “quickly setting up a tent even in the moonlight”. Mont-bell’s first two-room tent bearing that name is the “Moonlight Cabin 4”.

It has a structure like that of two A-type frames, which are well-established in the moonlight tents series, arranged side by side, and the ease of setting up and the livability is what you would expect from the moonlight tents. Since the inner tent is connected to the fly sheet in advance, it can be set up at once. Of course it can be removed just as easily.

The inner size is 250 x 210 x H205 cm, which is perfect for a family camp of four with parents and children. The living room is large enough to accommodate an outdoor table and chairs for 4 people.

The living room has large meshes on three sides, so it’s cool even in the summer. Two canopy poles are also attached so you can flip up the front panel to make it into an “eave”. If you lift the front and wind up the mesh, you can create an open space.

In addition, the doors on both sides are designed to fit snugly with the “Moonlight Tent 4”, so you can connect multiple “Moonlight Tent 4″’s and use it as a base camp for outdoor activities.

There are two colors, green and tan. The tan is currently sold out and will be restocked after January 2022.



Material: Tent body … 68 denier polyester ripstop (water pressure resistant 1,500 mm urethane coating, flame-retardant processing)

Inner room … 68 denier polyester ripstop (water repellent, flame retardant)

Floor: 70 denier nylon taffeta (water pressure resistant 2,000 mm urethane coating, flame-retardant processing)

Pole … Aluminum alloy

Body weight: 12.0kg (including pole and inner room)

Total weight: 13.0kg (including pegs, ropes and staff bags) Composition: Tent body, inner room, body pole 2 sets, center pole 1 piece, eaves pole 2 pieces, ∅3 mm reflective material-filled tension rope 12 pieces, 16 cm aluminum V peg 21 pieces, pole emergency repair pipe 1 piece