New multi use car side tarp by Freaks Store and Muraco that can even be used without a car.

1 year ago

A jet-black car side tarp in collaboration with the brand “VAN LIFE SUPPLY by FREAK’S STORE”, which was newly created by FREAK’S STORE in September 2021, and the outdoor brand Muraco has appeared.


Van Life Supply By Freaks Store is a new brand that produces car goods and outdoor gear, and has released bicolor car site tarps inspired by European vintage tents.

Now in collaboration with Muraco, they have released the car side tarp called “PENELOPE CAR SIDE TARP” in a black tone, which is also the brand color of Muraco.

The “Penelope Car Side Tarp” is compatible with cars with a height of 170 to 200 cm and can be easily attached to the roof with the suction cup that comes with it. A large interior space is created by the cross frame and ridge pole, so the area right next to the car can be used as a large living space.

The side can be opened, or it can be fully closed and used as a shelter. There is a mesh window on the front, so you can enjoy the view from the inside.

It is also possible to set up using a tarp pole without a car. Although one side will be completely open, it can be used as a shelter by itself, so it is multi purpose.

This car side tarp is convenient for use as a day camp that does not require a tent or a living room that can be set up quickly by staying in the car, and it is also multi-purpose compared to ordinary tents and tarps. If you are on the look out for a black tone shelter, this seems like it can fit many purposes!



Size used: W330 x D300 x H210 cm

Storage size: W60 x D18 x H16 cm

Weight: 5.4kg

Water pressure resistance: 1,500 mm