For the 2022 New Year camp! A limited number of “Zodiac Gear” is now available from Tripath Products.

2 years ago

TRIPATH PRODUCTS, an outdoor brand from Hokkaido that not only develops a lot of metal camping gear that are both practical and look great, but they also create unique gear that makes use of metal processing technology such as metal pig-shaped mosquito coil holders. In honor of the 2022 zodiac sign, Tripath Products will release a limited edition jet-black metal pot stand with a tiger motif.


The “NABESHIKI -2022 Tora-” is a pot with a Tiger motif made of a black-plated 4.5mm thick iron plate. It can safely hold hot cooking utensils and has three rubber legs on the back, so it has an excellent sense of stability.

The design of the tiger is a collaboration with Improvide, a design group from Hokkaido who has won the bronze at “THE ONE SHOW”, one of the world’s three major advertising awards. In addition to using it as a pot holder, if you decorate your camp site with the guardian deity of 2022 you camp site is sure to be well protected.

It will be released as the first in the Zodiac series from Tripath Products, and will be on sale in limited quantities from Saturday, December 18, 2021.



Assembly size: W170 x D170 x H17mm

Storage size: W170 x D170 x H17mm

Body weight: Approximately 0.8 kg

Material: Iron (plated finish), rubber legs