An all-black hand-ground coffee mill from Balmuda!

2 years ago

“BALMUDA” creates stylish home appliances that are functional and fit into well into the interior. In addition to popular kitchen appliances, there are also items that are popular among outdoor lovers, such as simple modern LED lanterns and Bluetooth speakers. Now a hand-ground coffee mill has appeared from Balmuda.

BALMUDA「Coffee Mill」¥11000

Balmuda’s “Coffee Mill” is an original hand mill that has been made as an accessory to accompany the open drip coffee maker “BALMUDA The Brew” that has a specialized method of coffee extraction.

This is an item with an original design by Balmuda, outsourced to Timemore, a manufacturer specializing in coffee utensils, which is highly thought of by coffee professionals.

In order to brew coffee deliciously, it is important to grind the coffee beans so that the grains are even, so this coffee mill uses a stainless steel blade and is characterized by being able to grind the beans easily and evenly. In addition, beans can be crushed smoothly with only light force applied.

The particle size can be adjusted in 22 steps, from medium-fine grinding, which is ideal for coffee makers and hand drips, to ultra-fine grinding, which is optimal for espresso, to coarse grinding, which is optimal for a percolator. Since the handle is removable, it makes it easy to take it outdoors.

It is on sale at the Balmuda online store, BALMUDA The Store Aoyama, and brand shops (Matsuya Ginza, Hankyu Umeda Main Store).


Size: Width 162mm x Depth 54mm x Height 182mm (with handle attached)

Weight: Approximately 450g (with handle attached)

Maximum capacity: 20g of coffee beans