From the new tent sauna brand “Geotherma”, a three-layer structured model that can withstand even -40 ℃ temperatures.

2 years ago

A trusted domestic brand has entered the tent and sauna arena, which is growing in popularity. Japan’s tent sauna brand “GEOTHERMA” has released an entry level model where up to 4 people can enjoy the sauna. The tent has a three-layer structure with a powerful wood-burning stove, making it an easy tent sauna for people who favor Japanese domestic products.

The tent has 3 layers and is easy to enter and leave.

GEOTHERMA-4 ¥165000

This is a tent sauna released by the Japanese brand “Geotherma”. An entry model that can accommodate 1 to 4 adults, and is an all in one-package item that comes with a wood stove. It seems that even one person can set it up in about 15 minutes.

The tent fabric has a three-layer structure that effectively shuts out the outside temperature. Even if the outside temperature is -40 ℃, you can enjoy the sauna without any problems. The door is a semi-automatic swing door that makes it easy to get in and out of, and the level of care that is typical of a domestic brand is on full display.

The modest tent color and the well designed logo are worth checking out.


The attached wood stove does not require stones.

The attached wood stove raises the temperature inside the tent to 100 ° C (up to 120 ° C) in about 15 minutes after igniting it. Generally, firewood stoves used in tent saunas require a stone on top and water, but this product does not need them.

It is equipped with an original löyly mechanism that sprinkles water on the slits on the side. This saves you the trouble of preparation and removal after use, which is a very smart function.

You can purchase it at the official brand online shop. Guy ropes and pegs will be given free as gifts to commemorate the release.