Tokyo Craft’s new gear bag is in all black with leather. Featuring a flat shape that makes it easy to use.

2 years ago

Speaking of Tokyo Craft, their bonfire the “MAKULITE” mentioned in this previous article is a big hit. The momentum of this up-and-coming brand has not stopped, and new items are being released one after another. Of particular note is this gear bag, which is a leather all-black design.


This is the first storage gear that Tokyo Craft has released. The width is close to 50 cm and the depth is 35 cm, which is ample space, but the height excluding the handle is 10.5, which is a relatively flat shape. This is a result of considering the usability outdoors so that the stored items can be found easily when opened.

The main fabric is durable canvas, and the lining of the luggage compartment is nylon, which is easy to keep clean. The bottom is protected by a waterproof PVC sheet, so it’s safe to place it directly on the ground. Luxurious cowhide is used for the handle, and it is finished in all black which looks sophisticated. I am also happy that it is made in Japan.

A thick partition with cushioning is attached, and the main luggage compartment can be neatly organized. In addition, the back of the lid is equipped with a spacious mesh pocket, which allows you to store small items smartly.



Size: W48 x D35 x H10.6cm

Outer fabric: canvas

Lining: Nylon Bottom: PVC sheet

Handle: cowhide


You can purchase at the brand’s official online store. Be sure to check out the campers who also make use of Murako and Helinox gear to make an all black camp site.