It’s like indirect lighting! A relaxing hangout style bonfire born from the idea of interior lighting.

1 year ago

HangOut, which produces camping gear that can be used indoors like an original furniture brand, have created a new unique relaxing bonfire that incorporates the knowledge of interior lighting.


The hangout bonfire “komorebi” is a bonfire with overlapping shades that is reminiscent of the classic lamps from Sweden’s leading lighting designer Hans Aune Jacobson.

Actually, the developer of this bonfire originally had work experience at a lighting equipment manufacturer, so it is said that it was made by putting the knowledge and experience cultivated there. The shadows created by the bonfire lights, almost like indirect lighting, from the gaps between shades of different sizes not only help create a campsite, but also has a relaxing effect.

Of course, it is also made with consideration for its performance as a bonfire. By taking in air from the gaps in each shade, the holes in the ash tray, and the cutout of the logo, a chimney effect is generated and the combustion is improved. It can be easily ignited, and even if you burn wood that have fallen in the river, it has enough burning power to leave only ash.

In addition, the heat can be adjusted by removing the shade, making it easier to cook on. It is firmly secured so that the wobbly feeling that is often found in prefabricated bonfires is negated, so the sense of stability during cooking is perfect.

When stored, the shade and ash tray are nested, and can be stored in the largest shade like a lunch box. It an A4 size, it has a compact design that is easy to carry.



Size used: W330 x D230 x H270 mm

Stored size: W300 x D210 x H70 mm

Weight: 3kg

Material: Body, shade, ash tray … Stainless steel (SUS304) / Legs … Steel