Check out the new “tongs” from the knife brand FEDECA, who are famous for their wooden handles!

10 months ago

Tongs are an indispensable item when cooking outdoors, such as when grilling thick-sliced steaks on an iron plate as well as for barbecues. There are many functional tongs on the market, but I haven’t come across many cool tongs that really catch your eye. However, now I found a cool set of tongs with a famous wooded handle!

“FEDECA Clever Tong” (top) Walnut ¥ 3630 / (middle) Multicolor ¥ 4620 / (bottom) Shimonaguri Ipe ¥ 4620

The “FEDECA Clever Tong” is a collaboration between the long-established tool knife maker “Kanzawa Iron Works” (Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture) knife brand “FEDECA” and Todai (Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture), a Western tableware maker that often serves hotels and restaurants.

Fedeca is a brand that is popular for outdoor knives that use their famous wood for the handle. This tong is based on the hygienic Todai tongs ” Clever tongs” that do not stick to the table no matter how you leave them, fused with the unique wood handle that Fedeca also uses for their knives.

There are 3 types of handles available. “Walnut”, which is one of the three major trees in the world, “Multicolor” with a border pattern that gives off a unique presence, and “Naguri Ipe” which uses a traditional Japanese processing that leaves a unique shaving mark on the highly durable and water resistant ipe material. No matter which handle you choose you can pair with Fedeca knives to create a perfect cooking utensil set.

The “FEDECA Clever Tongs” are on sale at retail stores nationwide, including FEDECA ‘s official website.