A stove exclusively for outdoor utensils that can also be transformed to cook things like yakitori and kebabs!

10 months ago

Among the many different camp items available, specialty products are fascinating for some reason. Niche, special items such as a chicken ramen cooker or an oden hot pot can help you to add individual touches to your camp site. To that end, we have found a unique stove for outdoors Mess tins! Although it is exclusively for Mess tins, it is a flexible stove that can be transformed to cook in a number of unique ways.

Hango Conro Research Institute “Hango Conro Kaiten” (left) Ichigata ¥ 18700 / (right) Nigata ¥ 17050

The “Hango stove Kaiten” was developed as a niche outdoor stove by the garage brand “Hango Stove Research Institute” that makes items with unique shapes such as a stove for mess tins and a bonfire that becomes a sphere shaped like a soccer ball.

The Hango Stove Research Institute has released a stove exclusively for outdoor use mess tins, but the “Hango Stove / Kaiten” is a new model that will be the smallest and lightest model in the brands history.

On the left is the newly released “Hango Conro Kaiten (Ichigata)”. The right is the conventional model the “Hango stove / firewood”.

It corresponds to “Ichigata” which corresponds to normal size mess tin like the “Battle mess tin type 2” (about 2/3 size of normal mess tin) of the Ground Self-Defense Force which is popular among some outdoor and military enthusiasts. The weight is significantly reduced to only 730g (Ichigata), which is 65% less than the current model the “Hango stove / firewood”.

What’s even more interesting is that when used alone, it is supposed to use solid fuel as an alcohol stove, but by transforming it and installing an optional fire bed, it can also be used with charcoal and firewood.

There are four ways that it can be transformed, depending on the shape, [H] mode, [V] mode, [_] mode, and [L] mode.

The [H] mode is a style that perfectly fits a mess tin and has the best thermal efficiency. Since it is an omnidirectional windshield, it is wind resistant, and the height of the mess tin can be changed to adjust the heat.

In [V] mode, which looks like a shell stove, the upper part opens, making it easy to use for multiple purposes. You can also make a bonfire by using the optional fire bed.

In the full flat type [_] mode, you can also use a large pot. If you use the optional fire bed, you can also make charcoal-grilled chicken like yakitori or kebabs.

The [L] mode, which has a windshield on one side, is a half-and-half of the [H] mode and [_] mode, and is a style that is also easy to use with mess tins.

The “Hango stove / Kaiten” can even be used for grilling yakitori while also being a niche item perfect for cooking with mess tins. It is a unique item that is likely to appeal to gadget lovers as well as those who love eating white rice cooked in a mess tin while camping.

An additional size the “Hango Stove / Kaiten 2” (¥ 17050) corresponding to the Ground Self-Defense Force’s “Battle Mess Tin Type 2” (about 2/3 the size of a normal Mess Tin), which is popular among some enthusiasts. ) Is also available as part of the lineup.