Back pack style gear carrier from Fire Side that is also perfect for carrying firewood!

1 year ago

“FIRE SIDE” is a brand that is built around the themes of fire and firewood. They also produce a lot of outdoor items such as axes, gloves, and kettles, but don’t miss out on their newest firewood carrier! It is an excellent carrier that can be used in 4 different patterns including a backpack style, and can also be used for carrying items other than firewood.

Fire Side multi-carry ¥ 14300

This is a multi-carry with a unique idea. Since it lets you carry firewood on your back like a backpack, you can carry a heavy total weight while keeping your hands free. If you carry it on your back, you won’t be able to keep your eye on the firewood, but you can bind it with a tape and a buckle to prevent it from falling.

There are 4 different ways to use it in total, including the backpack style as shown in the picture. You can hang it diagonally like a shoulder bag, a kangaroo pouch in front of your body, or carry it like a normal carrier, depending on the situation.

All of the combinations are posted in the image gallery at the end of the article, so please check them out.

Since it is equipped with a pocket and a gear rack with webbing tape on the front, it seems easy to hang it up after carrying firewood and also for storing small gear.

Since it comes with a removable compression cord, you can carry not only firewood. It is a multi-purpose carrier that you can use to freely carry items such as tarps, blankets, and clothing.



Unfolded size: L1110 x W440mm

Weight: 950g

Load capacity: 20kg


Purchase at your nearest outdoor shop or dealer.