Panasonic’s new sports e-BIKE brand has started! The first model is a small, high-spec MTB for Japanese markets.

9 months ago

Panasonic, which boasts the top market share for electrically powered assisted bicycles in Japan, has launched a new sports e-BIKE brand called “XEALT”. As the first step, they will release a mountain bike style model called the “XEALT M5” that is suitable for off-road driving.

XEALT「XEALT M5」¥442000

The “XEALT M5” is an e-MTB type bicycle that is characterized by its size that fits the typical Japanese physique and the Japanese environment. The wheel diameter is not 29 inches, which is the mainstream of overseas brand mountain bikes, but 27.5 inches, which has a slightly smaller diameter and is easy to handle. With a 2-frame deployment that adapts to a wide range of heights, and the top tube is kept low, it is easy for even smaller stature people to ride.

Furthermore, the drive unit is worth paying attention to. It uses the high torque motor “GX drive unit” that Panasonic exports to Europe. This motor, which is used in high-end e-MTB in Europe, has been tuned for the Japanese market for the first time. With a powerful maximum torque of 90Nm, it is powerful and perfect not only on paved roads but also off-road. The battery is integrated with the down tube, allowing it to travel up to 135 km on a single charge.

It is well made for optimal off-road performance, such as having a 2.4-inch thick tire, and a hydraulic disc brake that can operate the suspension lock and release according to the road surface while driving. It is perfect for camping.

It will be available in 2 colors, black and silver. Black will be launched from April 8, 2022 (Fri), and Silver is a limited color scheduled to be released in July 2022.