A small nostalgic kettle from Fire Side. Featuring a beautiful design that combines elegance with ruggedness.

4 weeks ago

From Fire Side, who are well known for their innovative ideas, another attractive bonfire item has appeared. This compact kettle is easy to use outdoors, with a design that is nostalgic, reminiscent of a teapot. It is both elegant and rugged, giving it a unique charm.

1.0L Trip Kettle Satin Silver ¥ 14850

This kettle has a nostalgic design that is inspired by the teapot. The stainless steel body and lid are made of solid satin silver, giving it a silky texture. Brass is used for the handle and oak is used for the knob of the lid, and the form exudes an air of elegance and high quality.

The capacity is compact at 1L (appropriate capacity 0.6L), and of course, it is made to be used outdoors. The kettle has an elegant look that is strangely feels at home with the outdoors scene, and the attached soot is not dirty but tasteful. The shape of the handle also makes it possible to hang it with a tripod.

It seems that the usability when pouring is particularly excellent because it was inspired by the teapot. It’s easy to control the trajectory of the hot water, which is easy to see from the photos.

Manufactured in Tsubame, a city of known for its high quality production, the bottom is engraved with the “Made in Tsubame” certification mark. In addition to silver, satin black is also available for ¥ 24,200. The oxide film has created a deep matte black finish.



Size: W149 x D119 x H202mm (H150mm when the handle is stored) Weight 340g

Full capacity: 1.0L (appropriate capacity: 0.6L)


Purchase at outdoor shops and dealers nationwide.