A new collaboration between Millet and White Mountaineering. A collection of bags with a mature image and intriguing luster.

1 year ago

“White Mountaineering”, which represents Japan and is known for both their design and functionality, and “MILLET”, a long-established outdoor brand in France are back with a new popular collaboration series of items.

Up until now, outdoor-like colors have been used for clothing and bags. But this season they have chosen a minimalist design of black and khaki. Check out the three types of backpacks, pouches, and waist bags that use a glossy polynylon material.

Khumbu 30 ¥44000

First up, is a backpack that can be used in a wide range of situations from climbing to city life. The main storage pouch is a wide zip open type, so it is easy to access the things inside. The material is polyester nylon with a sleek finish, and the water-repellent function and dull luster accentuate the design.

EXP SD ¥17600

There is also a lineup of shoulder pouches that can be used like a diagonal sacoche. By changing the position of the strap, it is a convenient 2WAY specification that can be used vertically or horizontally, so it can be used flexibly according to the time and your needs.

EXP Speed ¥19800

Similar to the above items, the special microfiber, which is a composite of polyester and nylon, is processed to achieve a unique firmness and luxurious texture. The basic and easy-to-use waist bag seems great to use as a sub-bag for outdoor and camping scenes.

This is a series of bags with a single color and simple appearance, but uses a specially processed polyester material that attracts attention. Check out the colors and patterns and match them to your lifestyle.

■White Mountaineering tel:03-6416-5381  www.whitemountaineering.com