ONOE’s extra-thick iron bonfire that you can customize to your liking!

1 year ago

ONOE is an outdoor brand by Onoe Seisakusho, which is known for implementing a “mesh net”, which is now a must-have item for BBQ’s, on the BBQ stove for the first time, and recently their lineup of rugged iron gear for use with bonfires has also become popular. ONOE has now carried out the brand’s first attempt at crowd-funding, the bonfire “Homurajo” that can be customized with original parts.

ONOE “Homurajo” ¥ 24800 (general sales price)

The new bonfire “Homurajo” released by ONOE via crowdfunding is an assembly-type bonfire made of extra-thick iron with a thickness of 2.3 mm. It’s simple to assemble, and it’s bolted so it’s rigid and has excellent stability. You can enjoy bonfire cooking as it comes with a trivet as well as a dynamic bonfire, and you can add firewood with the trivet attached.

Nowadays, the bonfire scene is in a state of unprecedented bloom, but the “Homurajo” is also recommended for those who are looking for a more personal bonfire. The front and back plates, which are laser-engraved with the ONOE logo, are structured so that you can use an original plate if the mounting holes are in the same position.

Therefore, it is possible to create and customize your own original parts by engraving your favorite lettering and designs by laser processing.

Customizing outdoor gear with original parts made by third parties is booming, and its even more exciting with the possibilities of being able to custom engrave items as you like.

ONOE’s bonfire “Homurajo” is on sale in advance on the crowdfunding site “Green Funding”.



Specifications Size: Width 570 x Depth 375 x Height 33 mm

Stored size: Width 570 x Depth 375 x Height 150 mm

Grill size: 345 x 375 mm

Thickness: 2.3mm

Weight: 10 kg

Material: Iron (painted), grill (stainless steel)

Maximum load 20 kg

Accessories: Grill x 1, Bridge x 2, Fire floor auxiliary parts x 2, Front parts x 2, Side parts x 2, Fire floor x 1, Wrench x 1, Bolt (stainless steel) x 8