A new style of Sierra cup from Maagz. A high-quality cup made of natural wood by traditional manufacturing techniques.

1 year ago

The Sierra cup is a symbolic item of outdoor tableware. It can be used for many purposes as a cup or bowl on a plate, and it is a necessary item for outdoor dining when space is often limited, but the new outdoor brand MAAGZ from Hachioji has released a wooden Sierra cup that is a bit different from conventional ones.

Mokushera / Wild cherry tree (shera type / plain) ¥ 5390, removable handle ¥ 1320

A wooden Sierra cup made from wild cherry blossoms. Maagz commissioned the “Hata Laquer Ware Shop”, which has been making lacquer ware for a long time in the Nakayama Onsen district of Ishikawa Prefecture, to manufacture it.

Mokushera / Wild cherry tree (bowl type / plain) ¥ 5390, removable handle ¥ 1320

In addition to the so-called Sierra cup type model, there are two types of bowl that are easy to use as both soup and salad bowls. The handle is sold separately and can be removed, so the cup can also be used as a genuine wooden plate.

The wide array of available colors is unusual for a Sierra cup, both models are available in a total of 5 colors, including plain, light gray, lemon yellow, turquoise blue, and navy blue.

The color and grain of the wood, which are not the same, are part of the charm of natural wood. Warm colored wood is rare for a Sierra cup, which makes this stand out amongst other outdoor tableware. It is also recommended for dining at home or as a gift for loved ones.