Who is Ballistics?

4 years ago

Who is Ballistics?

Since its establishment in 2002, Ballistics have been developing military and motorcycle themed outdoor furniture. In additional to the industrial style appearance they are also striving to achieve functional designs that are easy to use.

The Grand Ecdysis Bench is a lightweight folding bench for two people. The garage brand Peregrine Furniture developed the armrests which mold to your arms. The camouflage color palette can be used outdoors or to match a variety of interior styles.

The ARMY ROVER TABLE is based upon a French army field desk. The frame has been replaced with aluminum and the weight has been reduced to about 2/3 of the original.

The TISSUE CASE is made using cordura nylon with a military aesthetic. It’s primary feature is that it can be hung by its daily chain on top to any hook.


Appealing to masculinity with its military inspired outdoor gear, Ballistics have top class design that is not only applicable to the outdoor scene but also as eye catching additions to any interior space as well.

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