A new collaboration between Kamakura Tenmaku and Nanga. An assortment of sleeping items featuring vivid artwork by Ratta Rattarr.

1 year ago

A new collaboration is here from the premium domestic down brand “NANGA” and the new tech Japan label “Kamakura Tenmaku”, which has been engaged in OEM production for numerous outdoor brands.

Featuring the artwork of the design brand “RATTA RATTARR” which has an atelier in Karuizawa, 4 items including a sleeping bag, blanket, inner shoes, cushion & pillow with artwork inspired by the sea and lakes will be available.

「DX Sleeping Bag」¥73150

The “DX Sleeping Bag”, which is decorated with the artwork “UMI” by Ratta Rattarr, which features an impressive bright blue color, and a hood that seeks to create the same level of comfort as if you were at home. The model is based on the quality Envelope type sleeping bag of Nanga, which is also used in the Himalayas. It uses 600g of DX European White Duck Down with 760 fill power, which has excellent heat retention.


If you stack two sheets and fasten them with snap buttons, you can use it as a sleeping bag for children. These outdoor blankets can be used for multiple purposes, and feature the design of “UMI” that has been incorporated in a bright blue color. 240g of down is enclosed and the size is 140 x 100cm.

「Inner Shoes」¥10780

Next up is inner shoes with plenty of Nanga’s recycled white duck down, now available in 3 patterns of artwork. In addition to the “UMI” design seen in the previous items, the artwork of “SHIBUKI”, which has a powerful blue brush, and “KAZE”, which has a yellow brush, are also available. They all come with a storage bag that uses the same fabric as the shoes.

「Outdoor Cushion & Pillow」¥5280

Outdoor cushions and pillows made from recycled sponge can be used as relaxing cushions during the day, and at night, half of the cushions are woven into the pillows to transform them into pillows suitable for sleeping. The size is 40 x 40 cm. There are also 3 patterns available, “UMI”, “SHIBUKI” and “KAZE”.

The lineup will be on sale from Saturday, April 9, 2022, at the Kamakura Tenmaku and Nanga online stores, as well as Koti’s official online store.

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