Introducing a new model in SOTO’s regulator stove with larger firepower and diameter!  

1 month ago

When speaking of the most popular burners among campers, many people think of SOTO’s ST-310 regulator stove first.

In addition to being compatible with CB cans that are easy to obtain at convenience stores and home centers, it is easy to use even on rough terrain thanks to the stable legs and trivets, and the firepower is reasonably high, so it is great as a main burner for solo camps and as a sub-burner for larger group camps! Also, various custom parts have been released by third parties that have a wide array of uses. 

Now, let me introduce a new companion to the popular ST-310 series.


SOTO / Regulator stove Range ST-340 ¥ 8800

Increased heat + improved comfort when cooking!

The ST-340 has a larger crater than the ST-310 and can heat a wide area! It goes well with medium-sized frying pans and cookers with a diameter of 11 to 19 mm, and along with this, the heating power has been improved by 0.4 kW to 3.3 kW (2800 kcal / h).

Of course, since it has a regulator that suppresses the generation of raw gas, cooking time can be shortened and it can be used safely and easily. You can cook for multiple people smoothly!


The caliber of the ST-340 is φ66 mm (ST-310 is φ45 mm). It has high heat power and can be heated evenly over a wide area.


Comes with a convenient assist lever!


The ignition assist lever, which was an option on the ST-310, comes as standard equipment with the ST-340. It’s nice to be able to ignite it immediately without a lighter or other fire needed.


You can use the case as it is!

The size is 166 width x 142 depth x 110 mm height (140 mm width x 70 depth x 110 mm height when stored) and weighs 360 g. It comes with a storage pouch. 

The storage and deployed size is the same as before, so even if you already have the ST-310 and are thinking about replacing it or purchasing additional ones, you can still use the previous case and windscreen as they are!


This is an example of using the SOTO’s minimal worktop. It is a recommended optional item that provides a work space, suppresses heat insulation to the gas can, and enhances the sense of stability. 

The ST-340, which is easy to use and is directly connected to a CB can also has a stylish appearance, and is recommended not only for veterans but also for those who are new to camping! The release is scheduled for late May 2022, so check it out.