Coleman’s flame-retardant chair is now available in a new vivid color bespoke to Beams!

12 months ago

Coleman’s folding chair, has a well-balanced seat height that is not too high and not too low, and can be easily folded and carried, is very popular in the camping scene! Now a new color of this camp site regular, bespoke to BEAMS has arrived.

Coleman x BEAMS / Fireside Folding Chair ¥ 13200

The black frame and natural wood armrests create an exquisite contrast to the main fabric which is finished in BEAMS’ signature corporate color, orange. With so many earthy tones these days, this vivid color is guaranteed to stand out on the campsite!

The seat will not burn even if sparks are flying, and the seat height is about 28 cm, which makes it easy to work even while sitting. The load capacity is about 80 kg.

In addition, the logos of both brands are displayed large on the back, which gives it an excellent visual impact. It is also equipped with a mesh pocket to store small items, and the handle is made with Velcro to make it easy to carry!

The size when stored is approximately 54 x 8.5 x 56.5 (h) cm so it is very compact. It’s about 2.1 kg, so it’s also easy to carry.

The Coleman folding chair bespoke to BEAMS is a perfect to use indoors as well as outdoors. The release is scheduled for late May 2022.