New gray and coyote colored gear have been added to the popular Coleman & Urban Research collaboration.

3 weeks ago

New additions have been added to the collaboration series by “URBAN RESEARCH” and “Coleman” that is made for a wide range of lifestyles from urban living to the outdoors. This famous tag team, which has become a regular collaboration that many watch out for every season, has added new coloring and items. This is a must-see for campers who are especially interested in limited edition models.

Differentiated by a solid tactical gray coloring.

Quick-up IG shade ¥ 11880

A new tactical gray color has been added to Coleman’s popular pop-up tents that are widely used on the beach and for day camps. There is no doubt that you will be able to differentiate yourself from other camp sites with the bespoke colors that are limited to this collaboration.

Compact folding chair ¥ 9900

This is a low-style chair that can be folded compactly. Comfort cannot be compromised when it comes to must-have chairs when camping. With a solid seat and a soft wood armrest, the cost performance is excellent. The calm gray coloring is perfect for long term use and it will improve with age.


Additional items have been added in the popular Coyote color.

Relax folding bench ¥ 17800

The newly added bench has a stable aluminum frame structure and comfortable seating. The coyote color that perfectly fits in with the outdoor surroundings, dramatically improves the atmosphere of your camp site. Besides sitting on, it is also a convenient item for a little extra luggage storage.

Excursion cooler 16QT ¥ 5980

The 16QT cooler box, which is ideal for small day camps and leisure activities, has also been updated to bespoke specifications in the exclusive Coyote color. This season, the top lid is also unified in the same color for a more sophisticated design. The cooler gives off a presence just by placing it on the site and is a limited edition item that is sure to draw a lot of admiration.

This is a limited edition lineup of camp gear that helps to add new color to your outdoor adventures. We recommend checking the color of your existing camp gear and choosing from this new collection accordingly.