The latest outdoor use Bluetooth speaker from BOSE. Compact, tough, and excellent battery life.

6 months ago

A new model called the “SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker” has appeared as part of BOSE’s Bluetooth speaker series. Despite its compact size, it has IP67 toughness performance, continuous playback for up to 12 hours with the built-in battery, and powerful sound that can be enjoyed outdoors, making it the perfect speaker for a camp site.

BOSE「SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker」¥19800

Bose’s “Sound Flex” is a compact portable speaker with excellent performance that can be used in any environment, including outdoors. It measures 9.04 cm in height x 20.14 cm in width x 5.23 cm in depth and weighs about 580 g.

It has a structure that prevents water, and dust etc. from entering, and is not only IP67-compliant waterproof and dustproof, but also resistant to drops, impacts, corrosion, and ultraviolet rays. Thanks to the back made of soft silicon and powder-coated steel grill, it is safe to use outdoors.

Also, even if it drops into a lake or the sea, it floats back on the surface of the water, so it seems fun to chill out while listening to music while relaxing on the water etc.

With the utility loop attached to the main body, it can also be used by hanging it on a backpack or beach chair. Since it is equipped with cutting edge technology that dynamically detects the orientation of the speaker and automatically adjusts the sound quality, it can be placed sideways on a table or placed vertically from a backpack. Even if you hang it in any direction, it optimizes the sound and reproduces it with a sense of realism.

There are three colors available: black, white smoke, and stone blue. It is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so it can be played continuously for up to 12 hours. In terms of acoustics, it has the power to be fully enjoyed outdoors.