Ogawa’s classic chair bespoke to Ships. Authentic military specifications that are Made in the USA.

9 months ago

This is a triple collaboration between SHIPS, the well-established outdoor brand Ogawa, and MIS, which develops military grade bags. A seat bag that increases the storage capacity is added to Ogawa’s staple chair. This is a camp chair has Ships trademark style and is made at an American factory with a focus on military grade performance.

ogawa × MIS × SHIPS「ローチェア」¥14850

Ships has collaborated with many outdoor brands, but hasn’t released much full scale outdoor gear. This time, they have released a specially designed camp chair based on Ogawa’s classic masterpiece the “Low Chair II”, which is a convergent camp chair. It comes with a camouflage-designed seat bag by the bag brand MIS.

Ogawa’s “Low Chair II” is a storable type, so there is no need to assemble it, and it can be used just by opening it. When you finish using it, you can store it in a compact stick. It is a staple chair that is popular because it has a structure that does not easily fall over even if you sit on the edge of it, and the backrest is also tall, so you can fully relax while camping.

For this collaboration, they have prepared two colors, calm and shiny beige, and olive. The seat bag made by MIS at a military factory in the suburbs of Los Angeles, USA, has a camouflage design that conforms to the military grade specs. It is very convenient that it can be attached and detached from the chair body with Velcro, and there are plenty of storage pockets available.

Also, because it is an outdoor chair made bespoke to Ships, it is also characterized by achieving a casual balance that will be easily accessible to fashion lovers. A black color is used for the legs to create an urban atmosphere, making it also usable at home as part of your interior.



Size: Width 50 cm x Height 74 cm x Depth 61 cm

Storage size: 91 x 13 x 9 cm

Weight: Approximately 2.3kg