SOTO’s classic outdoor lighter is now available in military colors. Two hard-core models only available at Oshmans.

1 year ago

“SOTO” produces high-quality combustion gear that utilize the latest technology utilizing their background in manufacturing industrial burners. Among them, the “Pocket Torch” that can turn a disposable lighter into a burner and the compact torch called “Slide Gas Torch” that expands and contracts are both masterpieces that can be said to be a must-have item for outdoor enthusiasts. This season, the select shop “OSHMAN’S” will exclusively sell these 2 new items.

An army green color pocket torch limited to only Oshmans that was first released a few years ago and is now booming in the second hand market. ¥ 1386

The Oshmans bespoke Slide Gas Torch also has an army green body with original decals to enhance the appearance. ¥ 3300

These two exclusive models featuring a solid army green and a bespoke model decorated with decals are now available. These limited models will help you stand out compared to only standard items that tend to be used by others.