An outdoor chair that feels like luxurious furniture made using famous wood is here!

1 year ago

A wooden chair that can easily be disassembled and taken outdoors, while maintaining the style and comfort of indoor furniture has appeared from the outdoor brand IKIKI developed by wooden furniture maker Miki Moku.

“IKIKI Grand Chair” (oak canvas) ¥ 49500

Ikiki is an outdoor brand that develops functional, beautiful, and items for life that can be used by “going back and forth” between the outdoors and your home. They have previously released unique items such as the “IKIKI shelf container” that can be used as a shelf at home and as a functional container outdoors.

Ikiki’s new wooden chair called the “IKIKI Grand Chair” is a wooden chair that uses a combination of high-quality wood and a solid, thick fabric, and is wide enough to sit on crossed legged. The strikingly shaped armrest, which looks oval when viewed from the side, has a smooth curved surface that emphasizes the warmth of the wood, and improves its comfort to help you relax.

In addition to appearing very stable, it weighs about 4.2 kg and is surprisingly lightweight when lifted. The main body frame has a screw-in structure and can be assembled and disassembled without using any tools. There is also a special cloth storage case that allows you to carry the disassembled parts together compactly, making it easy to take outdoors.

You can choose from 2 patterns of wood for the frame and 2 patterns for the fabric of the sheet, making a total of 4 models available. The lineup includes oak x canvas (black), oak x polyester (beige), walnut x canvas (olive), and walnut x polyester (gray).

“IKIKI Grand Chair” (oak fabric) ¥ 56000

“IKIKI Grand Chair” (Walnut Canvas) ¥ 59500

“IKIKI Grand Chair” (walnut fabric) ¥ 66000



Assembled size: W735 x D740 x H765 SH320mm

Stored size: W750 x D350 x H120 mm

Weight: Approximately 4.2kg