A compact, stylish and unique bonfire made in Japan!

10 months ago

The shop “Sekai Class” has become a hot topic among people with good taste in interior goods. Based on the concept of “the most exciting home improvement store in the world”, it is a unique “home improvement store” that purveys furniture, vintage items, DIY parts, outdoor goods, etc. collected from all over the world like a select shop.

Check out this minimalistic and beautifully designed bonfire, which is the first item from Sekai Class’s outdoor goods brand “KICHI”.

A minimally designed bonfire typical of Sekai Class.


The “KICHI FIRE PIT” is an assembly-type bonfire that features a minimalist appearance that sets it apart from other bonfires. At first glance, the design gives an inorganic impression, but the as the flames increase so does the beauty and it creates a picturesque bonfire scene.

It is manufactured domestically in Japan, jointly developed with a local factory. It features a lean design derived from the materials characteristics and processing method used, as well as excellent functionality thanks to the minimalist parts and structure. It has excellent portability with a thickness of only 2 cm when stored.


Not only stylish, but a highly functional design.

The ingenuity of its design that gives it a misleading appearance is that the joints that give a complicated impression are inside the structure so that they cannot be seen. As a result, it has a structure that enhances the stability of the joint strength while making the edges look sharp.

In addition, the inverted pyramid design that combines square plates is designed not only for its stylish appearance but also for burning firewood effectively. High combustion efficiency is achieved by taking in air from multiple holes including the lower slit. It creates a space between the firewood and the rostrum, which creates a structure that constantly takes in air and can achieve a stable flame.


Great for bonfire cooking, even with a Dutch Oven!

The legs may look delicate with a wire stand, but in fact they have the load-bearing strength to safely support a weight of up to 30 kg. In addition, the stand has a tripod structure, so it is stable even on uneven ground. Not only can it be used safely with large firewood, but it is also compatible with heavy cooking utensils such as Dutch ovens. This makes it perfect for bonfire cooking in groups and at family camps.

In addition, the large opening and the dedicated trivet make it compatible with commercially available meshes and iron plates of various sizes and shapes, so you can cook a wide range of dishes.


Compact storage with a thickness of only 2 cm.

All parts are made of austenitic stainless steel SUS304, which has excellent heat and corrosion resistance. Assembling and disassembling is easy because it has a simple structure in which three parts of the same shape are assembled one by one.

Since it is composed of only flat parts, it is lightweight and compact with a thickness of 2 cm and a weight of 1.9 kg when stored. It can be easily inserted into the gaps between your other luggage.

In addition, although it is an assembly type of bonfire, it is very stable once put together, and it doesn’t come apart easily, so it is a nice point that it is easy to move and clean up after use.



Size: W350 x D431 x 330 mm

Stored size: W320 x D280 x 20 mm

Weight: 1.9kg

Load capacity: 30 kg

Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)