A must-have item for camping and BBQs!? Check out these fun-filled grill skewers called “Dyukushi!!” inspired by ninja weapons.

1 month ago

ZULUGEAR is the camping gear brand of a former auto parts manufacturer. Their staple item is an industrial black bonfire stand, but their unique grill skewers are currently attracting a lot of attention. It was sold for a limited time at an event in May and has gained popularity so many people have been waiting for their general release.

DU KUSI ¥2750

A limited number of grill skewers sold out at the “FIELDSTYLE SEASIDE MARKET 2022” held in Aichi Prefecture in May. They are made of heavy black-skinned iron and designed with the image of one of the famous ninja weapons, the “Kunai”.

The only purpose for them is to “stab, grill and eat”, a simple concept. It is also a high point that the shape of the tip is devised so that the meat does not turn around. By the way, the naming DU KUSI is pronounced “Dyukusi!!”. This is a nostalgic phrase in Japan that people in their 30s and 40s used to say when they were young, so it really takes people of our generation back to their youth days having BBQs with friends.


Size: 370×22×10mm

Weight: 55g

Material: black iron


Pre-sales have already started at iLbf, an outdoor specialty store in Misato City, Saitama Prefecture, and general sales are also planned, so be sure to check Zulu Gear’s official website and Instagram regularly!

■ZULUGEAR zulu-gear.jp/