An all-weather cordura umbrella that protects against rain, light and heat.

4 weeks ago

As one of the few umbrella OEM specialists, Amvel, an umbrella manufacturer from Japan that has created original items for various other brands, has released an all-weather umbrella that combines cordura with a light-shielding film.


It can be opened and closed with one touch, and the cordura fabric has excellent water repellency and durability while being supple and firm, and after it gets wet in the rain, it can be shaken off a few times to remove most of the water droplets. The difficulty and the hassle of getting your hands wet are avoided which is one of the benefits of the folding type umbrella.

It can be opened and closed with one touch by pressing a button on the handle that serves as a handle.

The brand’s unique light and heat shielding PU film and heat block are laminated on high water resistance Cordura ripstop nylon with a water pressure resistance of 10,000 mm or more, and a light shielding and UV cut rate of 99.9% or more. As long as the fabric is not torn, the light shielding effect lasts semi-permanently. It has a large diameter of about 107cm and a total length of about 62cm when used, but weighs only 260g!

The lightweight and highly durable Cordura has a supple texture, and the 30 denier fabric is not too thick so it can be folded for compact storage.

The 6-rib frame with a size of 60 cm uses carbon fiber and aluminum, which are also used in aircrafts, to create an excellent balance between lightness and strength.

The brand tag and cordura woven label are on the inside. Black is the base color, so it doesn’t stand out too much.

It is available in four colors: coyote, olive, navy, and black. The size when stored is about 36cm x about 8cm, and comes with an original case made of the same cordura material as the main umbrella.

In addition to the highly water-repellent and durable Cordura fabric, the easy-to-use one touch opening, and the size and lightness that make it easy to carry, this high-spec umbrella will be your best friend this coming rainy season.