A visually impactful tactical chair by Helinox & Eley Kishimoto.

1 year ago

As a new project for the spring of 2022, a double name collaboration chair will appear, based on the popular “Helinox” Tactical Chair and featuring the print works of London brand ELEY KISHIMOTO, which is popular for its novel pattern design.

Not only can it be used outdoors such as when camping and at festivals, but it can also be used indoors and outdoors. The Helinox Tactical Chair is renowned for its high level of comfort.

The frame is super lightweight, can be folded into the included bag for compact storage, and is extremely easy to assemble. It has exceptional functionality as a mobile chair that can be carried regardless of the means of transportation. In addition to that, the key point of this collaboration with ELEY KISHIMOTO is its unique print.

Tactical Chair X ELEY KISIHIMOTO ¥33000



Size when used: 52 cm x 53 cm x 67 cm (width, depth, height)

Seat height: 35cm

Storage size: 12cm x 37cm x 10cm (width, height, depth)

Gross Weight: 1160g

Load capacity: 145kg

The Tactical Chair is available in ELEY KISHIMOTO’s signature FLASH pattern, ANIMAL CAMO that looks like a camouflage pattern, and PARTY LEOPARD. The available pattern selection is full of originality and dynamism.

The double name tag acts as proof of the collaboration.

This is a tactical chair with an impactful yet sophisticated ELEY KISHIMOTO pattern that is sure to get a lot of attention at campsites. Even if you use it indoors, it should add an interesting accent to your interior. Don’t forget to check out these limited collaboration items!

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