A holder that keeps your cans and bottles cool! The strongest form of refrigeration from Post General!

1 year ago

“POST GENERAL” develops gear and miscellaneous goods that mix British vintage taste with military design elements. They have a lineup of many items that are perfect for the camping scene, and they achieve high design and cost performance, so they have strong support from outdoors lovers everywhere.

This ice pack is a new product from Post General that is soaring in popularity. When you think of ice packs, you imagine a translucent square body, but the holder shape eliminates gaps and continues to cool the drink directly, so the cold insulation efficiency is greatly improved. You can toast with a cold drink even in midsummer!


The ice pack itself can keep a temperature of -10°C for 5 hours, and depending on the performance of the cooler box, it is possible to keep it cold for an even longer time. Not only 350mL cans, but also 500mL cans and PET bottles can be used. It is available in two colors, olive and sand beige, which both have a high affinity with outdoor gear.

The silicon rubber band is engraved a logo that reads “THE ICE ERA by POST GENERAL” logo. By fixing the drink in place with a band, the ice pack and the can are always in close contact even in the cooler box, keeping the drink cold.

Lettering such as a logo with a mil-spec motif are lined up on the upper part of the main unit.

This item will be released in July. In order to enjoy cold drinks at camp, etc., not only cooler boxes but also ice packs are essential. You can help to make summer toasts more enjoyable by using this new gear with high cold insulation efficiency.