Gordon Miller’s new charging gadget that makes the inside of your car more comfortable, with a military color and industrial finish.

1 year ago

A number of gadgets related to charging have appeared all at once from the lifestyle brand “GORDON MILLER” that crosses the boundaries of garages, cars and the outdoors. This is a lineup that can not only charges in your car via the cigar socket, but also at home with an outlet.

For cigar sockets that come in handy in your car.

By inserting it into the cigar socket, two USB ports are created, and the cigar socket port remains. It’s a highly practical item for use in the car, but it’s also stylish looking with its angular industrial form, military colors, and rugged design.

Four other in-car gadgets will also be released. All of them feature a nice array of military colors, so please check out the images at the end of the article.


For outlets that can be used at home.

Mobile Tap ¥1680

By plugging this into a household outlet, you can use two USB ports and two outlets with different angles. You can attach it to a portable power supply and use it, but it is also useful in your garage or indoors.

As for the power supply gadget that uses an outlet, two other items will be released at the same time. All of them feature excellent designs that you will want to use with pride. Also check out the image at the end of the article for more on these.


USB cables are also available!

The USB cable is one of the most noteworthy items in the lineup that will appear this time. Two types of terminals, Type-C and Lightning, are available in the same color as the other items. It is also a high point that the cable membrane is not just nylon, but braided so this is likely to please power arc users.

Purchases can be made at stores nationwide, as well as at the brand’s official online store.