Muraco’s new 50cm tall bonfire stand with a star-shaped silhouette fire floor!

12 months ago

The outdoor brand “Muraco”, recently opened their first flagship store, and now they have announced a new type of bonfire with a unique fire bed, perfect height and a star-shaped silhouette!


The “STAR TORCH FIFTY” is a miniaturized version of the 120cm tall “STAR TORCH” bonfire, which became a hot topic when it was released as a limited edition run of only 15 units in 2020.

It has been resized to an exquisite height of about 50 cm, so it is taller than a typical bonfire stand, making it perfect for those who want to feel the presence of fire up close and personal. Firewood is also burned at a higher position than usual, so you can prevent burning the surrounding ground area.

The bonfire adopts parts that utilize a cutting processing that is unique to Muraco, who specializes in metal processing. It’s easy to assemble, and if you connect two jointed aluminum poles and pass them through the central ring, they will naturally stand on their own. It has 5 legs and is very stable.

The grate uses a lightweight, rust-resistant and tough stainless steel mesh. As the name Star Torch suggests, one of the key features is that the grate looks like a star when viewed from above.

The release is scheduled for August 10, 2022.



Size: W380 x D380 x H540mm

Stored size: ⌀100 x L450mm

Material: Frame…Aluminum alloy / Mesh…Stainless steel



We highly recommend you try out this unique bonfire experience!