Five new collaboration items from Stanley & Briefing are about to be released! Featuring a vivid red logo on solid black!

11 months ago

“STANLEY”, who are renowned and popular for their pints and bottles, and the outdoor luggage brand “BRIEFING” have collaborated. All of the items available are chic and unified in black, with the Briefing logo featured vividly.

3 handy vacuum mugs are available.

STANLEY x BRIEFING LEGACY vacuum mug 0.35L ¥7920

Three types of vacuum stainless steel bottles have been created through this collaboration between these two famous brands. In addition to the 0.35L size pictured, the lineup includes a 0.25L (¥7150) and 0.47L (¥8360) size, both of which are easy to use.

Until now, Stanley’s items have traditionally used black as the main color, but the red Briefing logo adopted as part of this collaboration gives it a unique new look.


The standard cooler is also in chic black.


As you can see, the classic cooler box, which is known for its two-tone green and gray coloring, has a chic appearance. The solid black color helps to emphasize the functional beauty of some of its key features such as “a wonderfully easy-to-carry handle” and “a bottle can be fixed on the top”.

With a capacity of 15.1L, it’s perfect for solo or multi-person use.


There is also a water jug with cold insulation.


STANLEY×BRIEFING water jug 7.5L ¥14300

This is also based on a model known for its bold green and gray coloring. The cold storage capacity is comparable to the cooler box mentioned above, so its role is not limited to just being used as a water jug. It is perfect not only for tent sites, but also for sports.

These collaboration items will be on sale from August 19th at the BRIEFING OFFICIAL SITE as well as STANLEY’s official online store. This is a rare chance to get your hands on a special Stanley product so make sure you don’t miss out!