BRIEFING develops a new original outdoor collection! Starting with 5 types of outdoor storage gear that make use of tradition.

11 months ago

“BRIEFING”, which is about to release a collaboration collection with “STANLEY”, will also release outdoor gear as part of their inline range.

The collection is called “OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT”, and the first release features 5 items that make use of their heritage as a luggage brand. All of the items available are finished with a special level of quality that is synonymous with Briefing.

A carry wagon with rugged good looks.


First up is a Briefing-style carry wagon in chic black with a vibrant red logo. The fabric is made of 500 denier Cordura nylon, which is one of Briefings specialties, and the molle system on the sides gives it a military like rugged appearance. The large-diameter off-road tires are perfect for smooth use on a variety of surfaces, and the load capacity is 100 kg, which is enough for most situations.


A trash box that can be stored flat.


The next item is a pop-up trash box that can be folded flat and easily carried around, and can instantly transform. It has a convenient size of 30 cm in diameter and 42 cm in height, and is equipped with a button hook that allows you to attach a garbage bag to the top of the inside. It is available in khaki is in addition to black (see image at the end of this article).


A soft cooler with a wide array of pockets.

COOLER BAG 34 ¥27500

The final item we will touch on here is a soft cooler bag with a capacity of 34L. It is quipped with 1 zip pocket on the front and 2 snap button pockets, so the actual the storage capacity is greater than the total volume. The outer material is of course Cordura, but the interior is made of PVC that has excellent waterproof properties. Of course, a cooling sponge is packed in between. The colors available are khaki and black as shown in the photo.

In addition to the above three items, an apron and a neck drink holder will be released as part of the first collection (see images at the end of this article). Check out the briefing official online store from Friday, August 19th!