Combining the best of hardware and software. Kelty’s popular cooler is now available in a limited edition color in Japan!

12 months ago

“KELTY”, is an American comprehensive outdoor brand, well known for their collection of bags including backpacks, that is also popular for their tents and tarps. They are also known for their storage gear which we will take a look at in this article, in particular a cooler that combines the best of hard and soft type to create a super convenient design.

S size recommended for picnics and as a sub-cooler.


Soft coolers can be folded compactly, but they have weaknesses such as kinking when carrying heavy objects, and concerns about their durability. Therefore, Kelty has produced a “semi-hard cooler” that is tough and durable yet can be folded into a small size.

The photo shows the S size with a capacity of 17L, and the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry outdoors whenever and wherever.

When not in use, the “soft” part can be folded to make it compact. Compared to hard coolers, it saves space and can be kept in the car or garage. It also has a drink holder on the top.


Medium size suitable for luxury solo camping or pairs.


This is M size with a capacity of 27L. It wis perfect for a luxurious solo or duo camp when you want to bring plenty of food and drinks

However, when not in use, it can also be made compact, so it can be used as a sub-cooler for families and groups, at summer camps, and for storing additional drinks purchased at local supermarkets, and so on.

Even if you stand a 500mL PET bottle upright inside it, there is still plenty of room. Soft urethane foam is built into the thick sides and the waterproof TPU tarpaulin used for the interior is removable, so maintenance is easy.

These coolers are limited to only Japan, and the release date and purchase method have not yet been announced, so please check the brand’s official website regularly for updates.