Peregrine Design creates the world’s first and only striped skateboard stool!

5 months ago

Using a skateboard deck as a table or stool to build a street-like tent site or living room has become a staple style for some people.

It’s possible to recycle your own deck that you’re already attached to, but if you want to set yourself apart from the rest, incorporating an unusual and rarer item might be better!

The “Mosaic SK8 board deck” from “Peregrine Design Factory”, which produces unique furniture, uses a special deck ordered from ten art works. Based on a USED base, they have cut out the deck tape into blocks and changed it into a striped pattern.

Mosaic SK8 board dec / SBS kit No.1~3 ¥88000

A total of three designs are available, but its important to remember that no 2 designs are exactly the same. The flat shape makes it easy to use as a table or shelf improving its versatility.

This special deck can also be combined with the “BALLISTICS” SBS kit to create a stool. The SBS kit is a popular item not only because it looks good when put together, but also because the legs can be attached and detached with magnets, making it compact and portable.

Led by Peregrine Design, this Mosaic SK8 board deck/SBS kit, maximizes the appeal of each brand, and is definitely a must-see item!

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